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Traveling for me is not an option, it’s essential. It’s a non-negotiable, intricate  aspect of who I am. I guess you could say I suffer from an incurable case of wanderlust.

Why do I feel so strongly about traveling?

Well, humans have been using every possible method of transport to change their surroundings since prehistoric times. Granted, they mainly undertook a journey because it was necessary, either food was running out where they lived or perhaps it hadn’t rained in years, etc. But If traveling wasn’t part of the caveman’s existence we would all still be living in Africa and the rest of the continents would be safe from humans (something I’m sure Nature would be grateful for.)

Things have changed a lot since then though; faster and safer methods of transport have enabled us to circumnavigate the planet in a day if we want to. Add to that instant messaging, email and all the perks the internet provides us with and I just can’t justify staying put in one place all my life. There is so much world out there, so many things to learn, to experience and to enjoy.

Why am I starting this blog?

I love reading travel blogs; they give me advice, inspire me, keep me company and who knows how many other things. However, I never thought I’d write my own. I have been traveling for nearly three years and my friends have been asking me to start a blog for as long. And now, for a myriad of reasons I decided to comply.

I don’t really have a plan or a goal to reach with this blog, all I want is to write down my experiences and share them with you, aka all living organisms that know how to read and have access to internet and thus blogs.

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