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Long Distance Friendship

I travel long-term, she doesn’t. I’m minimalistic and couldn’t care less what brand my shoes or bag are. She has around 40 pair of shoes and will spend a fortune on a handbag if it’s from the right brand.  Gadget wise I’ve been using the same phone for 2 years now and the same kindle for over three; She changes hers every time apple launches a new one. I never wear make up, she wears make up while on beach holidays. I don’t own a watch and the only piece of jewelry I have is an anklet I’ve had on for ever. She has watches for different occasions and countless jewelry.  She reads comics and romance novels, I read everything but that.

So yes, we are pretty different. Yet, she is my “other I”, my person, my soul mate if you want to get spiritual.

She is the one I call at 3am if I can’t sleep, I’m the one she calls at 3 am when she’s had too much too drink. She’s the one I ask for a Portuguese spell check,  I’m the one that tells her she has been misspelling “red vs read” all the time. She is the only one I complain too about everything, I’m the one that hears her complain about everything.  She might not always be able to solve my problems but she will try, and if all else fails she knows how to make me laugh and forget my problems. I try to do the same but I fear I’m not that funny. She is the one I shared my first tattoo with and the one that makes me want a third one. She knows I hate doing the dishes so she does them without me asking her for it. I know she hates cooking so I’m the one that cooks and makes her a batch of pancakes every time she wants.

I’m sure the things I’ve done with her and to her are things most couples never even dream of.

Yet, for the past 3 years we have only seen each other for 3 weeks a year, and yes, she is still my best friend. The distance is annoying but we text and call each other multiple times a day. She knows more about how I’m feeling, my schedule, etc. than the people I see everyday.

Thank you Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and Gmail for making this possible. Yes, in a way this means I’m a slave to my  phone but the benefits outweigh all disadvantages.

During the 3 weeks a year we meet somewhere on holidays (aka she travels to wherever I’m at the moment) we have the best time ever. It never seems like it has been a year since the last time we were together. I’m lucky to have her in my life, and yes, I have the world’s best friend.

To everybody else out there I hope you have someone like this in your lives.


5 thoughts on “Long Distance Friendship

  1. You really should stop doing these things when i am working. I am a serious person and have to maintain a serious pose …BLAH BLAH BLAH….
    And yes this is me saying that you were inspired yesterday!
    And i aint gonna even try to write it back 🙂
    Here´s to us “my other self”.


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