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Markets, Markets, Markets!!!

If we are what we eat then there’s no better way to get an insight into different cultures than a visit to their local fresh produce market.

They exist everywhere yet are always unique because they not only reflect their local produce but also their local culture and economy. Nowhere was this more obvious to me than in the floating markets of Bangkok. I mean, come on, a floating market?

How cool is that? During my backpacking trip in Southeast Asia  and later while living in China I made it a point to visit the local market whenever I arrived somewhere new. And I don’t know if this happens to everyone but after the first few times I started noticing that there were distinct stages I always went through when visiting a market:

1st were the smell (good or bad) and the colours, which hit your senses.

2nd Once those were assimilated I would start noticing how the produce was displayed: on neat rows or in piles? Vegetables to one side and fruit to another, or altogether? Etc.

3rd I started noticing the new and different products in display, be it fruit, vegetable or animal. (Basically choosing which one to try out first)

4th and the last stage was when I started observing the social interactions: were there children around? If yes, were they playing or working? Were there men and women selling or only women? Who was doing the shopping? What about pets? And more importantly how did the locals interact with their food? What quantities did they buy?

Regardless of the size of the market – which can range from a few stalls to several city blocks – I’m always rewarded with an incredible experience.

What about you? Do you enjoy visiting them too or am I alone in this?

13 thoughts on “Markets, Markets, Markets!!!

  1. I agree, I love visiting markets. That first whiff of fresh food is always incredible. It was one of my favourite things about “il mercato dell’erbe” in bologna italy. In panjim, goa, india there were mountains of crushed spices, dried chillies and vegetables. A true feast for the senses. I will be posting these up soon 😉


    1. Oh! I’ve never been to a herb market but just the idea of one make my nostrils happy! I have to remember to visit it whenever I get around to going to Italy.
      Had a quick look at your blog and it seems great! looking forward to reading your posts on the markets!

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  2. I’m the same way – I love visiting markets of all kinds when I’m traveling, be they food or clothes or books or antiques. Markets are awesome 🙂 I love photographing them as well but I still find it very awkward to do so…I try, though!


    1. Oh! I love all markets too I just happened to highlight the fresh produce ones in that post, I’ll write about the other markets soon enough 🙂 As for the pictures, At first I also found it awkward but after the first few clicks most vendors just accepted me as their innocent and weird foreigner of the day 😛

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