Massive impromptu road trip? Why yes ofcourse!

Sunday evening on the phone:

Him: I have to go to La Serena for work do you want to accompany me?

Me: Sure, I’d love to go! I’ve never been there! Well, I work Tuesday and Thursday so any day after that would be awesome.

Him: We could go Tuesday night and come back Wednesday night…

Me: that’s 500kms just one way…

Him: Yes, but I don’t mind the driving, I’ve done it before many times.

Me: (laughing) ok, sure! why not? let’s go!

And that’s how I spent 48 hours awake treating myself to the beauties of the Norte Chico (small north) of Chile.

Treat number one was the night sky in the desert. It is absolutely spectacular!!! So many stars!!!

Treat number two was when we arrived in La Serena at 4:30am and parked the car by the beach and proceeded to enjoy the sound of the waves while feasting our eyes on the colour change in the sky as it dawned.

Treat number three was when after breakfast at 6am in Coquimbo we spent some time watching the sea lions doze in the rocks. p.s. I have always loved sea lions and seals. As a 5-year-old in kindergarten I wanted to BE a seal.


Treat number four was when after he was finished working (which was pretty quickly) we drove through the Valle del Elqui and  stopped at a beautiful dam  where we were serenaded by an installation of a metallic wind instrument that’s placed in such a way that the wind from the valley blows trough it producing a melody that is… neither pleasant nor unpleasant… but definitely cool!

IMG_8345 IMG_8352 IMG_8343

Treat number five was Vicuña, where Gabriela Mistral (Nobel prize in Literature in 1945) lived – but she deserves a post of her own so more on her later.

Treat number six was lunch in one of the charming seaside restaurants in Los Vilos.

IMG_8380 IMG_8378

Treat number seven was taking the coastal highway back to Santiago and witnessing a gorgeous sunset over the pacific. 


And last but not least was treat number eight, i.e arriving home and falling into bed!

p.s. we covered a grand total of +- 1200kms in 27 hours

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