The Middle Kingdom: cuisine

There’s so much to be said about China, I lived in China for 10 months in 2013 and next February I’m going back for more. What is it that makes me go back? Why don’t I try someplace new? Well, for starters China is huge (the third largest country in the world)  and although I travelled a lot during those months no way did I cover it all.

And then there is the food…  

its nothing like the Chinese food offered in the western world and apart for a few exceptions I loved it. Where else do you get to see the cook prepare your noodles from scratch right in front of you? Or how about the thousand  and one types of mushrooms? And lets not forget the cassava-look-alike vegetables (I have no idea what they were called) that were simply delicious? And is there anything better than hot pot on a cold winter day? Or cool spring day, or even hot summer day!?? And Chinese eggplants!!! OMG you have not had eggplants until you try them out in China.

Yes, there were a few odd things too, like being served sliced tomatoes with sugar sprinkled on top during lunch, or the impossibility of finding a cold drink for sale (cold liquids are bad for health according to Chinese traditional medicine). But who cares about the oddities when you can have a baozi for breakfast everyday? Or when a snack means toasted honeyed walnuts?

And yes, I missed a good pizza or cheese of any kind but not more so than I now miss Chinese food. So all in all I think it was more than a fair trade and I’m looking forward to missing western food again.

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