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The downside of traveling

When people meet me they sooner or later ask me what I miss the most from home. My answer is usually twofold. 1- I don’t really know where “home” is. 2 – but if I have to say what I miss the most regardless of where home is then I would without a doubt say my niece and my dog.

Before you say anything I know I just put my niece and my dog in the same category. But unless you’ve had a pet you cared for with all your being, a pet who was not just a pet but another family member (he even got his own Xmas presents under the tree) then you have no business giving your opinion.

Now back to my niece, who is actually the reason I’m writing this post today. Its her birthday, today she turns 10 and for the third year in a row I’m not there with her to celebrate it. I wish I was but unless one of you readers has a working  tele-transporter to beam me up then I fear all I have left to do is plan our next holiday together and wish that the list of cons from constant traveling  was longer but didn’t include missing her so much.

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