Lima, a summary…

Culinary heaven? check. Churches and cloisters? check. Pre-hispanic, colonial and modern architecture? check. Relevant Museums? check. Grand views of the Pacific Ocean? check. Capital city of a Spanish Viceroyalty? Check. 

Ok, fine, who am I kidding? nothing is that perfect. Lima had its down sides too, for starters the city is built in a desert (its actually the second driest capital in the world). Which basically means that as the plane approaches all you see is brown… and when you actually land and drive and walk around the city its still brown… the few spots of green are actually publicity stunts. i.e. a tiny patch will be grassy and have plants spelling the name of the company paying to water them.

Secondly the traffic is beyond absurd. I kid you not when I say that everyday there was traffic jam hell.

But ultimately the positives outdid the negatives by a long shot and with so many points in its favour four days in Lima-Peru were definitely not enough.

I’ll keep the details of the “checks” above for later and leave you with some photos to whet your appetite for the future posts.

IMG_8418 IMG_8437 IMG_8462 IMG_8471 IMG_8474 IMG_8528

So, yes, four days in Lima was not enough to explore all it has to offer but it was enough to feed my hunger for all things Peru thus ensuring I return sometime in the not so far future…

10 thoughts on “Lima, a summary…

    1. I haven’t been to Jakarta but I’ve been to plenty of Asian cities and Lima tops them all. It took 2 hours to go anywhere. And at rush hour it could take over an hour to move 15kms…. So if you ever go to Lima my advice is find accommodation in a very central place!


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