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Crafts market in Lima

In previous posts (here and here) I’ve mentioned my love for all things market so of course that when I went to Lima I had to visit its markets. I went to both a Crafts Markets and fresh produce markets but today being the 23rd of December, I thought I’d post some of the pics from the amazing crafts they have there (and leave the fruits and veggies for another day) so that perhaps they will inspire your last-minute shopping. 🙂

However be warned, the skills of the Peruvian artisans was extremely well-rounded, in this one small crafts market they were selling so many types of crafts it was nearly impossible to choose what to highlight so you will have to forgive me if I bombard you with too many photos.

Peru being a mountainous country temperatures can vary a lot depending on the altitude you are in so warm woolen clothing is always available regardless of the season. Plus Peru is well-known for its weaves, which can be found in everything from ponchos to shoes!

But where the phenomenal quality of their weaves is really noticeable is in their rugs. The 3D effect on some of them is unbelievable!

As to be expected in country famous for its textiles and weaves their embroidery is also gorgeous


I don’t really know what to call these… 2 in 1 of patchwork and embroidery?


I’ve seen straw baskets, handbags, etc. all over the world but the colours, quality and variety I found in Lima were amazing. Who knew you could make such perfect flowers with coloured straw?

Their paintings were so beautiful that for a second I almost wished I had a permanent address just so I could have a living room in which to hang these, or better yet that I could transform them into jigsaw puzzle and enjoy hours assembling them!

Music is a part of all cultures…

Peru is the home of the Inca empire so clearly some of the artifacts for sale were copies of ancient masks, knives, etc that the Incas used.  And in time where self-image is topmost and everybody loves mirrors whats better than these highly decorated ones?

In case it hasn’t already become obvious let me just say it I adored the colours and variety of everything they had! Didn’t you?

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