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2014 travel surprises and 2015 expectations

2014 was an odd year, a year of extremes, when it rolled in I didn’t expect much from it travel-wise, at the most I though I would manage a few weekend getaways. What really happened though was that for the first semester I didn’t even manage a single weekend getaway but then the stars must have smiled on me or something because by December 31 I had been to 9 new destinations spread across Chile, Peru and Argentina.

It all started in May when I received a phone call from my other I saying she was coming to visit me in September/October. Some tight budgeting and rearranging schedules resulted in us visiting San Pedro de Atacama and Easter Island, two places I have always wanted to go. Oh, and we also went to Valparaiso, Viña del Mar and Isla Negra. 🙂

Well, if I’m honest those weren’t the first trips of the year. In July I went to Pichilemu for a weekend. Going to the beach in winter isn’t exactly my thing but I was in dire need of a getaway and circumstances led me there. 

So, anyway, after my BFF left in October I thought that was it for 2014, but then when November rolled in I met my cousin who turns out is as crazy about traveling as me and we went on a road trip to La Serena and Vicuña. 

The road trip was amazing and we got along so well my cousin offered me a plane ticket to go with him to Lima-Peru so I could meet another part of the family that lives there (yeah, turns out I have family in Peru!!).

Did I say my cousin loves traveling as much as I do and that we got along really well? Well, that might have been an understatement because next thing I know it’s December 25 and I’m getting into his car and heading on another road trip. This time to Mendoza and San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina. Not counting the detours and side trips we covered  3070km of highways in 7 days…

So that folks is how my 2014 was filled with travel surprises. As for 2015 I obviously don’t know what surprises it holds hidden but the scheduled trips are already fantastic! So far it includes: a month reacquainting myself with Portugal and Spain (Jan/Feb); followed by moving back to China for year of  teaching. While in China, besides the mandatory weekend getaways, my cousin is visiting me in August and we plan on visiting all the major cities I missed out on during my year there in 2013 🙂

Did 2014 bring you any amazing surprises too? What are your travel plans for 2015?

One thought on “2014 travel surprises and 2015 expectations

  1. 2015
    It is going to be a strange and active year.
    March is dedicated to Jhb for a Michael Buble concert.
    May is reserved for Cape Town (sporadic trips to Nelspruit does not count).
    August/September (still deciding) my passport is demanding me body to reach Italy, Amsterdam and ?. Yes it is a question mark. Because i have not decided on the 3rd country. Munich is on the balance but we shall see.
    December going to one of the Island in the North (the ones that you can only get there with small planes) and yes i do not remember the name.
    And 2016 is almost fully booked.

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