Bariloche: Chocolate heaven or, as I like to call it, a clue to Willy Wonka’s whereabouts

1- Chocolate, some people believe, rules the world. I’m not one of them… Though I often tell people I would gladly sell my soul to the devil for good chocolate mousse. And I mean REAL chocolate mousse, home-made, with raw eggs. I’d rather get salmonella that have one of those store-bought imitations.

2 – One of my all time favourite movies is “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. The original one with Gene Wilder not the remake with Johnny Depp. Yes, I did read Charlie and the chocolate factory and I did like it but I have to say this is one of those few times (if not only one) when I like the movie more than the book!

All of the above prove that I have no ulterior motives and allow me to ascertain that Willy Wonka resides somewhere near San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina.

Lets look at the facts:

1- The town is obsessed with chocolate. As in they sell it everywhere, whole shops dedicated to it

IMG_8814 IMG_8825

And not just shops… they have  a Chocolate supermarket!!


2- They have A CHOCOLATE MUSEUM! And who besides Willy Wonka knows so much about chocolate that they could open a museum? Complete with timelines, recipes, et al? IMG_8773 IMG_8782 3- The museum has a small chocolate factory that you get to  peek into through glass while touring the museum!! Sadly it was closed when I went so the factory was empty but they don’t fool me, they probably say that to all the tourist.  I mean come on, they can’t allow everyone to see the oompa loompas at work can they!?

4- At the museum they allow you to handle and play with big chunks of chocolate and chocolate butter… *ding dong* play with chocolate?? Thats Wonka’s signature!!!


5- All the while you are there you are drinking hot chocolate that comes out of this:


if this is not a Wonka contraption I don’t know what is!

6- No offense meant (I’m half Chilean and quite short myself) but last but not least Bariloche is in South America… i.e. the one place where short people are not hard to find… who is to say there isn’t a hidden oompa loompa gene in South Americans?

If all of the above fails to convince you that Willy Wonka is hiding out in Bariloche or if you are just not interested in Willy Wonka fine, suit yourself, but don’t miss out on the chance to spend a few days surrounded by chocolate and add San Carlos de Bariloche to your list of places to go to.

And if you are one of those people to whom chocolate means nothing… Well, then you should still go because the views are spectacular and the skiing is great. Or so I’m told… I mean, the views I can vouch for and will post about the scenery in Bariloche soon but I’ve never been skiing!

12 thoughts on “Bariloche: Chocolate heaven or, as I like to call it, a clue to Willy Wonka’s whereabouts

  1. haha, I think this can be applied to several towns in belgium. You have like 10 chocolates shop in one street, and I think we have at least 5 chocolate museum.. :D:D I think Willy Wonka has his holiday house in Belgium as well 😀

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  2. I think the same as you ~ I love chocolate – nothing better, but it is because I like the stories and myths that revolve around it (and Gene Wilder played a big role in that seeing C&C Factory as a kid). Great photos of this town…a piece of Chocolate Heaven.

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