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Daydreaming on a bus from Madrid to Granada

Earlier today I was sitting on a bus daydreaming and absorbing nature as it unfurled outside. In a brief moment of energy and inspiration I whipped out my laptop from my backpack and jotted down my thoughts as they occurred. Not really a great composition as my thoughts seemed to wander here and there and it doesn’t really end, I just stopped writing because I got dizzy… but I thought I’d share it with you anyway 🙂

I’m sitting on a bus on the route from Madrid to Granada listening to my “sleep” playlist, in it songs from Koop, Kings of Convenience, Elizabeth Morris, and Cousteau, amongst others keep me company. Their melodies the perfect company for bus rides like this. Perhaps being in Spain I should be listening to Joaquin Sabina, Serrat or Ana Belen but these more familiar tracks are just what I need to enjoy the green fields we are crossing.

I say green fields but really “green” encloses so many shades… When we left Madrid we crossed vast plots with nothing growing but dry yellow grass. Its winter in Spain and most trees are bare, their trunks and branches odd shades of brown, grey and even white. But not all trees shed their leaves, we have crossed olive tree groves (and anyone that has seen olive trees knows they are more silver than green), pine trees in their dark silvery bluish-green crop up here and there, along with some other trees I know not their names but that are dark green. Somehow out of all these shades a winter landscape is formed.

Overcast… the sky is a vibrant grey, spotted with some clouds darker and denser than others but the most dazzling element of the landscape is the sun trying to break through the light cloud cover and shedding a pale yellow glow over us and the fields surrounding us.

Small, soft rolling hills are all over, so beautiful and different from the huge mountains I got used to while in Chile.

We are now entering a slightly more “hillier” zone (does “Hillier” even exists?)… dare I say we are entering mountains? After the Andes these seem like little babies, as if they still need to grow, or perhaps only stretch their legs and rise to their real height.

Speaking of the Andes, this road trip is so different form the one I did in Argentina and Chile a month ago. Not only do these mountains seem like they are stuck in mid-growth but here we are constantly coming upon small towns and villages. Whereas in Argentina we were alone on the road without a car or man-made construction to be seen for miles and miles…

And nope they weren’t mountains… at least if they were it wasn’t a mountain range of any considerable size because we crossed them (in a tunnel) in less than 10 minutes and we are now back to soft rolling hills…

And thats all I wrote on the bus….  I’ll sit and write a proper post on Madrid and Granada soon…

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