To begin again…

How do I pick up the pieces? What should I say? Should I apologize? Explain the silence? Or should I just go on as if nothing had happened? As if it hasn’t been 2 years since my last post? And once I find those answers what should my next post be about?  Should I just pick a random story  from these past years and post it or should I try to be chronological and begin from where I left off? Or maybe I should just write a quick outline of my time away from the blogsphere and then start a new post from where I am now…

I really don’t know… However, I do know that I want to to restart my blog. I don’t promise to post as much as I did (posting so often is probably what burned me out) but I do promise to be regular. So, if there are any readers still out there following my posts keep your eyes opened for my new post coming soon and if you have any suggestions or answers to my questions please leave a comment!


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