Having spent the last 6 years in the northern hemisphere I sorely missed spending the holiday season under the sun so when Christmas 2017 approached I treated myself to 12 days in Mozambique. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay longer but of those 12 days I spent a week in Chizavane with my two best friends. Needless to say it was money and time well spent.

And what a setting. OMG. I don’t think the words exist -or maybe I simply don’t have the skill- to describe  how sublime it was.

A few facts and photos will have to do.

Chizavane is 250 km from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Xai Xai, the nearest town is 40kms away. So yes, its pretty secluded. Nature is pristine, practically unmarred by the presence of humans. The vegetation is super lush, the beach an endless stretch of white sand. Amazing sand dunes all around. And the sea? Well, it’s the Indian ocean in all its glory. But don’t take my word for it. Get on a plane and go to Mozambique, go to Chizavane. And while you are at it also go to Ponta Douro, Inhambane, Pemba and Mozambique island. I dare you not to succumb to Mozambique’s beauty.

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P.s. A funny thing about the trip to Chizavane was that upon arrival things began looking familiar but to the best of my knowledge I had never been there before. I couldn’t shake off the feeling and started asking questions but nothing made sense. nobody lives in the area, the few lodges and houses there were all new… so why was everything familiar? The answer to my riddle came when on my third day there we went on an excursion to the sand dunes. Suddenly it all clicked. I had been there on a camping trip with my High school!!! I’m not sure exactly but it must have been 1997 or 98 yet, there I was, 20 years later and on the exact same spot. So yeah,  you can take the girl out of the country but the world will conspire to bring her back!


A Few Facts and Tips: We stayed at maricel lodge. They have 5 self-catering houses for rent. All superb.  But full disclosure: The owners are related to one of my best friends so that’s why I’m actually including a link to their place instead of just mentioning it like in my  other posts. However, rest assured I truly do recommend it i.e. they are not paying me for this. I wouldn’t post the link if I didn’t think they deserved it.

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