Random Musings

Find a niche they say, its important they say

I’m sure I’m not the only one that read a million other blog posts and sites about blogging before starting to blog myself. It’s not so much that I didn’t know what a blog was about but that I wanted to do it right. I guess that’s just my modus operandi; I’ll read everything possible before making a decision (you should see me when I’m thinking about buying a new piece equipment).

Anyways, back to blogging, what all those sites I scoured had in common was “find your niche” . So I tried to do what they said and this is what ensued:

  1. Female solo traveler. This is the obvious choice but there are way too many blogs out there focusing on this, maybe if I narrow it down… female solo traveller in her 30s? Nope, many of those too…. Budget female solo traveller? Nope, many of those as well… ok I give up lets move on
  2. Besides travel the other thing I love is reading so maybe mix of both? But that would mean writing about books, maybe even reviewing them… not my style, plus I hardly ever read anything related to where I am – I’ll be in Turkey and reading something set in Russia.
  3. Travel and tefl? If there were many blogs focusing on solo female travel then I don’t know what to say about this. It seems that everyone that embarks on a year abroad for tefl starts a blog. either focusing on the teaching experience or on the trip and experiences but either way it’s definitely been overdone in the blogosphere.
  4. There are many travel blogs that  cater to a specific demographic by stressing where they are from (Filipino travel writers, african travel writers) or even by race, traveling as a black person, or as a Chinese. etc. Maybe I could do that? Nope, no, I couldn’t.  Trying to define where I’m from or to what racial group I belong is next to impossible. Not only that, it also defies my I-hate-racial-divisions philosophy.

And that was it, I run out of ideas. Maybe I came too late into the blogging world? The travel side of blogging (the only one that interests me) has been dissected and appropriated so many times there’s nothing left. Should I give up on blogging then? Not a chance. I started this blog partly as a  way of keeping my family back home updated on my whereabouts  but mainly as a repository of my experiences. Both reasons are still pretty valid so who cares if I don’t have a niche?

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