Feeding and caring for stray cats in the Philippines

As some of you know when the world started to shutdown because of covid19 I was in the Philippines and chose to stay here instead of rushing “home”. Five months later I’m still here living day to day with the people running the hostel that I now call home.

Officially they are closed and the only meagre income they have is from the 2 tourists that chose to stay and weather out the storm here. Yet, this didn’t stop them from feeding the stray cats that everyday show up at meal times. You see, when all this started they had three resident cats so when a few more started showing up at mealtimes they fed them too. Thing is, more and more cats started showing up. Some just for food and then disappearing while others stayed put, making the nooks and crannies their homes. Begging to be cuddled and loved.

Why this sudden cat invasion? Where were all these cats coming from? And then it dawned on us. Corona. Like most small islands in the Philippines this one depends on tourism so when the restaurants, hotels. Etc. closed and the tourists stopped coming most people lost their income. And if they couldn’t feed their own families how were they supposed to feed the strays that relied on them?

So we did what we could and started providing food and deworming these adorable creatures. From 3 resident cats we now have 7 residents and on any given day at least another 10 just hanging out in our garden and waiting for food. We’ve named them all and snuggle with them. By all accounts they are pets, no longer feral cats.

Problem is, resources are running low and there’s no end in sight to this pandemic. We’ve done as much as we can but want to do more so we started a crowd funding page in the hope that animal lovers across the world would help us to care for these defenseless and adorable beings.

If you can, please donate. Every little bit helps.

And please share! On your blogs, Instagram, twitter, Facebook. Everywhere.

On behalf of all the cats here thank you.

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