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Why I will always have a soft spot for Georgian markets.

Going to markets in every country I visit has become a routine (evidenced here, here,  and here). Not only is it a simple and pleasant way to gain insight into the local culture but  hopefully I’ll also discover a new type of fruit. Plus it’s always a cheap way to get fresh fruit and veggies. However, when I visited Georgia the focus shifted from the produce to the people selling it. For the first time ever the vendors where the highlight of my visits. Not just once, but in every single market I went to in Georgia it was always the vendors that stood out. Continue reading “Why I will always have a soft spot for Georgian markets.”


Irresistible Georgian Food

Sublime. The only word I need to  express what I think of Georgian food. As to how I feel about it, is there a word stronger than love?

I’m not a foodie, gastronome, epicure,  food critic, etc. I’m a simple person that like most other humans out there enjoys eating good food. Consuming food, after all, is an essential part of our existence so we might as well enjoy it.  Having said that I must now admit it’s not always easy doing so. Particularly when you are traveling and the options in front of you are not your cup of tea. Other times though you arrive somewhere where the food is so superb it blows your mind. Georgia was the latter. Continue reading “Irresistible Georgian Food”