Corn Juice Dos and Don’ts

Being partly south american I thought I knew a lot about corn. That there were tons of ways of eating it, that there were many types of corn, not just the big yellow ones we buy at the supermarket. but what I didn’t know was that you can also drink it. All that changed when I arrived in China and was treated to a glass of corn juice on my birthday.

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Packing tales of an anxious traveler

In 2012 I spent six months backpacking through South-east Asia, with nothing more than what fit in my 30lt backpack. Yes, I had mastered the art of traveling light and I loved it. I seriously had everything I needed and couldn’t imagine carrying more stuff. Inwardly I scoffed at all the other backpackers with their huge and irksome 60lts or more backpacks.

But when a month after returning home from my south-east asian adventure I had to pack to move to China for a year I was suddenly so distraught I overpacked. Continue reading

The Middle Kingdom: cuisine

There’s so much to be said about China, I lived in China for 10 months in 2013 and next February I’m going back for more. What is it that makes me go back? Why don’t I try someplace new? Well, for starters China is huge (the third largest country in the world)  and although I travelled a lot during those months no way did I cover it all.

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