Daydreaming on a bus from Madrid to Granada

Earlier today I was sitting on a bus daydreaming and absorbing nature as it unfurled outside. In a brief moment of energy and inspiration I whipped out my laptop from my backpack and jotted down my thoughts as they occurred. Not really a great composition as my thoughts seemed to wander here and there and it doesn’t really end, I just stopped writing because I got dizzy… but I thought I’d share it with you anyway 🙂

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TOP 3 Flight misadventures and one surreal experience

Today I went for lunch with someone I had just met a few days previously and as always happens we got to talking about traveling, but this time instead of talking about destinations we talked about methods of transport. I started retelling different experiences I’d had on planes and it dawned on me that I have a LOT of extreme plane and airport stories!!

Here (in no particular order) I leave you with what I believe are probably my most extreme ones.

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2014 travel surprises and 2015 expectations

2014 was an odd year, a year of extremes, when it rolled in I didn’t expect much from it travel-wise, at the most I though I would manage a few weekend getaways. What really happened though was that for the first semester I didn’t even manage a single weekend getaway but then the stars must have smiled on me or something because by December 31 I had been to 9 new destinations spread across Chile, Peru and Argentina. Continue reading

Packing tales of an anxious traveler

In 2012 I spent six months backpacking through South-east Asia, with nothing more than what fit in my 30lt backpack. Yes, I had mastered the art of traveling light and I loved it. I seriously had everything I needed and couldn’t imagine carrying more stuff. Inwardly I scoffed at all the other backpackers with their huge and irksome 60lts or more backpacks.

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Bucket lists

After countless hours perusing other travel blogs I’ve noticed that most of them have one thing in common – besides talking about travel in one way or another – and that is a bucket list of places the blogger wants to go to. In some cases, if they are trying to make it more interesting  they add a twist to it, for example, say what they want to do at X e.g. instead of simply adding Victoria Falls they say Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls.

All in all I have nothing against bucket lists, thing is, that’s not what I’m traveling for. Continue reading

The downside of traveling

When people meet me they sooner or later ask me what I miss the most from home. My answer is usually twofold. 1- I don’t really know where “home” is. 2 – but if I have to say what I miss the most regardless of where home is then I would without a doubt say my niece and my dog.

Before you say anything I know I just put my niece and my dog in the same category. But unless you’ve had a pet you cared for with all your being, a pet who was not just a pet but another family member (he even got his own Xmas presents under the tree) then you have no business giving your opinion.

Now back to my niece, who is actually the reason I’m writing this post today. Its her birthday, today she turns 10 and for the third year in a row I’m not there with her to celebrate it. I wish I was but unless one of you readers has a working  tele-transporter to beam me up then I fear all I have left to do is plan our next holiday together and wish that the list of cons from constant traveling  was longer but didn’t include missing her so much.

Iconic structures and their surroundings.

When we think of iconic structures they tend to be intrinsically related to where they are located. If I say Eiffel tower you will automatically say Paris, Statue of liberty  equals NYC; Colosseum equals Rome, etc. But for some reason some iconic structures don’t seem to follow this logic. Take for example Rapa Nui’s giant monolithic statues aka Moais? If I don’t show you a picture do you even know what is a Moai? And if you do, do you know where they are?

What is it that makes some landmarks be so inherently associated with their surroundings and others not?