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Corn Juice Dos and Don’ts

Being partly south american I thought I knew a lot about corn. That there were tons of ways of eating it, that there were many types of corn, not just the big yellow ones we buy at the supermarket. but what I didn’t know was that you can also drink it. All that changed when I arrived in China and was treated to a glass of corn juice on my birthday.

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Crafts market in Lima

In previous posts (here and here) I’ve mentioned my love for all things market so of course that when I went to Lima I had to visit its markets. I went to both a Crafts Markets and fresh produce markets but today being the 23rd of December, I thought I’d post some of the pics from the amazing crafts they have there (and leave the fruits and veggies for another day) so that perhaps they will inspire your last-minute shopping. 🙂

However be warned, the skills of the Peruvian artisans was extremely well-rounded, in this one small crafts market they were selling so many types of crafts it was nearly impossible to choose what to highlight so you will have to forgive me if I bombard you with too many photos.
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Lima, a summary…

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